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Archive for June, 2006

Satellite Imaging Corporation Debuts Web Site for Spanish-Speaking Audience

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Houston, TX USA – Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC), provider of high-resolution satellite images, digital aerial photography, GeoSAR and LiDAR mapping services today announced the debut of its site for Spanish-speaking users,

Like the English-language site, the Spanish site contains a full satellite image gallery and listing of SIC’s products and services, including remote sensing, satellite image data processing, orthorectified digital aerial photography, digital elevation models, and Geographic Information Systems expertise.

“Producing high-resolution satellite images is a global business in every sense,” according to the CEO of Satellite Imaging Corporation. “Limiting our services to English-speaking clients is short-sighted, and the introduction of is the beginning of an aggressive new program designed to broaden our reach to a global client base.” Despite using the .es country code, the new site is designed to appeal to Spanish speakers all over the world, including those in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, among others – plus, of course, the United States. Portuguese, German and French sites are already undergoing translation, with other languages in their initial stages.

SIC provides satellite imaging services for a number of industries, including urban planning, construction, and environmental management, but specializes in utilizing remote sensing technology in direct support of the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas. “Obviously, the petroleum industry is quite segmented geographically” says CEO, “and it follows that experts in every part of that industry are segmented by language also. This is our first step in reaching them.”

Satellite Imaging Corporation is headquartered in Houston, TX. SIC provides high-resolution satellite imaging products and services to clients worldwide. You can contact SIC at (832) 237-2900, E-mail: or visit SIC’s website at on the Internet.