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Archive for October, 2006

Satellite Images Absolve Oil Tankers on Australian Coast

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

An article in the Australian shows that satellite image technology was recently used to determine the origins of oil slicks along the Australian coast:

Oil slicks off the NSW coast 25km from Newcastle have been noticed for years, but now Landsat imagery has apparently ruled out ships as the villains. The consistency of location and shape point to natural seepage from the seabed, according to Bounty Oil & Gas, which holds the exploration license for that offshore area.

The article goes on to point out that Bounty intends to drill that area, hoping to capitalize on the underlying reservoir. Financial backers hope to find a well of 1.2 Tcf (trillion cubic feet) of gas, which would more than subsidize the estimated $20M ($15M US) exploratory well.

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Satellite Image of Fritzler Corn Maze

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Our Satellite Image of the Month is an IKONOS shot of the 2006 Fritzler Corn Maze. Shot on September 29, the image depicts a sweeping Colorado mountain vista:

Thumbnail of the 2006 Fritzler Corn Maze

(Here’s a link to the actual high-resolution, full-size Fritzler Corn Maze satellite image.)

The image on the 2006 maze is actually the same design used on the Colorado state quarter, issued earlier this summer. Located near Greeley, Colorado, the Fritzler Maze (link) bills itself as “Colorado’s original and premier corn maze.”

In case you haven’t clicked over yet, here’s a teaser shot of how the corn maze looks at full size:

The Fritzler Corn Maze at high resolution

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Satellite Image of Face in Alberta, Canada Hills

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

As first seen at Search Engine Watch, we wanted to point out a “face” in the Canadian hills, as found by a Google Earth user. Following is an image of the face, located at 50.010611, -110.113422 in southeast Alberta (snapped in Google Earth):

This westward-looking face was spotted via a Google Earth user.

Among the many humorous comments at Digg is this simple gem:

“The road makes it look like he is wearing an iPod.”

Yes, we think we see the resemblance:


(Image snapped at the official Apple iPod Ads page.)

Chicago Uses Satellite Images to Determine City’s True Hot Spots

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

According to a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Planning Department recently used satellite image data to determine the city’s “hottest” areas. Not to be confused with popular neighborhoods or trendy locations, this type of “heat” is the real kind – based on both daytime and nighttime temperatures.

The goal of the study was to determine the overall effect that “dark” structures, such as tar roofs and asphalt parking lots, are having on the temperatures in various parts of the city – and what can be done to lower those temperatures.

The methodology used by the city was simple:

To perform the Chicago analysis, two Landsat 7 satellite images were used — one captured on a morning in September 2001 and another at night in May 2005. The satellites captured surface temps, not air temps, said Anne Jaluzot, a city urban planner.

Following is the image produced by merging the data from the daytime and nighttime temperature images:

This map was created by overlaying two Landsat thermal images and shows the hottest locations in the metro Chicago area

Here’s a link to the PDF version of the map from the Sun Times site.

File the Chicago Planning Department’s project in the growing folder of ways to use satellite imagery to enhance urban planning projects to improve the lives of citizens.

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