Monthly Archives: June 2007

Satellite Images for Wildfire Assessment at Lake Tahoe

Fire and emergency applications are one of the strongest uses of GIS and remote sensing, particularly fire mapping, responding to emergency [...]

Satellite Image Data to Monitor and Assess Global Desertification

Desertification is a land degradation problem of major importance in the arid regions of the world. Deterioration in soil and plant cover ha [...]

Satellite Imagery for Easter Island Statue Renovation Project

Called the Navel of the World, Easter Island is home to over a half-dozen volcanoes and more than 880 statues called “Moai” (pro [...]

Satellite Image Captures Tropical Cyclone Gonu in Arabian Sea

Satellite Image captured Cyclone Gonu a category 5 on June 4, Gonu threatened the Arabian Sea and 1/5th of the World’s Oil. The cyclon [...]

Satellite Image Data to Monitor Destruction to Villages in Darfur, Sudan

Satellite Imagery is being used by Amnesty International a human rights organization to monitor villages on the ground in Darfur, Sudan thro [...]
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