Monthly Archives: September 2009

Satellite Images and GIS Aid in Tsunami and Earthquake Disaster Recovery

Coastal satellite images and aerial photography incorporated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), can give coastal resource managers a [...]

Satellite Image of Typhoon Ketsana Heading for Taiwan After Devastating Philippines

Satellite image of Typhoon Ketsana heading towards Taiwan after hitting the Philippines which in a matter of hours, dropped a month’s wort [...]

Sentinel-3 ESA’s Next Generation Satellite Scheduled to Launch in 2013

Sentinel-3 satellite which is scheduled to launch in 2013 is the third in a series of five space missions European Space Agency (ESA) is dev [...]

Oceansat-2 Satellite by ISRO Launched Successfully!

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched the Oceansat-2 and six nano-satellites into a 720 km. intended Sun Synchron [...]

CRYOSAT Satellite Sensor Scheduled to Launch in 2010

ESA’s CryoSat satellite is scheduled to launch February 2010. CryoSat will acquire accurate measurements of the thickness of floating sea- [...]

Satellite Images from MODIS Sensor Cover Southern California Forest Fires

Triple-digit temperatures, extremely low relative humidity and dense vegetation that have not burned in decades with years of extended droug [...]

WorldView-2 Satellite Scheduled to Launch October 8

Worldview-2 satellite is scheduled to launch October 8, 2009, aboard a Delta II rocket procured from United Launch Alliance (ULA). The launc [...]
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