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Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC) Signs Agreement With RapidEye AG for Distribution of RapidEye Satellite Image Data

Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC), a leader in the satellite remote sensing, GIS and mapping industry delivering to commercial customers fully processed and orthorectified high resolution satellite image data and geospatial data products, announced today that SIC is now part of RapidEye AG growing distribution network providing customers with a 5m imaging solution.

Leopold J. Romeijn, President & CEO of Satellite Imaging Corporation commented, “We look forward to partnering with RapidEye to provide our ever growing customer base with a cost effective 5m resolution imaging solution for covering large areas on all continents in support of various mapping applications and International oil & gas exploration activities”.

Click image to view RapidEye 5m ortho satellite image samples of Burghausen, Germany in full resolution.



Originally planned as an agricultural monitoring system using the RapidEye five spectral bands including a RedEdge (RE) multispectral band the RapidEye satellite sensors have demonstrated to be a cost effective global mapping tool in the 5m resolution range. The RapidEye constellation of Earth observation satellites with the capability to reach any point on Earth every day making the RapidEye satellite sensor suitable collecting areas in tropical regions generally affected by cloud cover. The satellites orbit at an altitude of 630-km. Customers can be provided with data of up to a maximum of 1,500-km in length and 77-km wide.

The RapidEye constellation of five satellites stands apart from other providers of satellite-based geospatial information in their unique ability to acquire high-resolution, large-area image data on a daily basis. The RapidEye system is able to collect an unprecedented 4 million square kilometers of data per day at 6.5 meter nominal ground resolution, and has amassed over 2.0 Billion square kilometers in its archive in just two years of commercial operation. The orthorectified RapidEye Image data is delivered with a ground resolution of 5 meters.

About Satellite Imaging Corporation:

Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC), a privately held technology company, provides global satellite imaging and processing services for a number of industries, including oil and gas, mining, cadastre, tax mapping, construction, environmental, forestry and agriculture.

The company specializes in mono and stereo satellite imaging technology producing seamless orthorectified Satellite Imaging mosaics DEMs and 3D terrain models for many industries using GIS and CAD applications including, flight simulations, terrain modeling, engineering and construction using high and medium resolution mono and stereo satellite image data.



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