3D Urban and Terrain Modeling

Satellite Image Processing for 3D Urban Terrain Modeling

Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC) provides orthorectified mono and stereo satellite imagery which can be processed for visualization of terrain conditions in 2 and 3 Dimensions (2D/3D). Production of digital elevation models (DEM) from various stereo satellite sensors. including the WorldView-4 and WorldView-3 satellite sensors at 30cm resolution can support project planners, emergency operation managers, and logistics managers to plan field operations in a computer environment, ensuring that the best terrain conditions and access are provided to achieve project objectives.

In addition to the orthorectification of a satellite map the elevation models are utilized in support of engineering designs, construction activities, mining and pre-planning/ lay-out of corridor surveys, land development, well sites, environmental and geological surveys applications.


Pleiades-1A (0.5m) Stereo Satellite Imagery

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3D Urban Terrain Model – West Bay – Doha, Qatar

3D Urban Modeling

GeoEye-1 (0.5m) Stereo Satellite Imagery

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