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Pleiades Neo 3 Satellite First Images!

Pleiades Neo 3 Satellite First Images!

Pleiades Neo 3 satellite part of the new Pleiades Neo satellite constellation (30cm) was successfully launched on April 28, 2021, from the Guiana Space Center. The Pleiades Neo satellite constellation will provide customers with 30cm panchromatic and 1.2m multispectral satellite imagery with six bands and will offer mono, stereo, and tri-stereo images for various mapping applications. The Pleiades Neo will supply reactive and rapid delivery of imagery and provide coverage at a regional scale for monitoring and management of various areas needing fast information such as environmental monitoring, forestry, energy, land development, and agriculture.

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Pleiades-1A & 1B (30cm)

The Pleiades-1A and 1B satellites are capable of providing orthorectified color data at 0.5-meter resolution (roughly comparable to GeoEye-1) and revisiting any point on Earth as it covers a total of 1 million square kilometers (approximately 386,102 square miles) daily. Perhaps most importantly, Pleiades-1A and 1B are capable of acquiring high-resolution stereo imagery in just one pass and can accommodate large areas (up to 1,000 km x 1,000 km).

Pleiades-1A and 1B satellites will be phased 180° apart in the same near-polar sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 694 km, enabling daily revisit to any location on the planet which makes it ideal for mapping large-scale areas including engineering and construction projects, monitoring of mining, industrial and military complexes, conflict zones and crisis/disaster areas, natural hazards, evacuation, and rescue operations.

In addition to their high precision, the Pleiades-1A, and 1B satellites are also notable for their remarkable agility, which enables tilted imaging from nadir and operation in several acquisition modes (20 images over 1000 x 1000 km2, stereo, 3D, mosaic, corridor, etc.).

Pleiades Neo 3 Satellite First Images

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