Environmental Monitoring

Satellite Images for Environmental Monitoring

Satellite Imaging Corporation Helps Companies Discover More From Above

For many companies, understanding what’s happening on the ground now means the difference between starting a project and losing thousands of dollars in the wait. Satellite Imaging Corporation hopes to address that problem with their environmental monitoring imagery available now.

Environmental monitoring is more necessary than ever today. From the need researchers often have to look at the changes in a given area to the needs of mining companies to meet compliance regulations, Satellite Imaging Corporation offers the specialized data required for any environmental monitoring campaign.

Satellite image data at different spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions by using the right combination of bands aids to bring out the features most pertinent to a customer’s project


WorldView-3 Satellite Image (40cm) Satellite Image Bayan Obo Mine, China

Image copyright © DigitalGlobe and Courtesy of Satellite Imaging Corporation. All rights reserved.

Increasing Potential

Satellite Imaging Corporation recognizes the increased potential for this technology, both inside the corporate world and out of it.

“The needs of the world are changing fast, and as populations grow and boost their economies, this is only going to become more relevant. Applications like environmental planning aren’t going to be it for our environmental monitoring program.”

Satellite Imaging Corporation also sees potential applications within disaster response, public health, forestry, and agricultural biodiversity conservation, as well as a number of corporate applications.

The ability to do more means understanding the world around you at every level, and Satellite Imaging Corporation is working to help make that possible now.