Natural Resources

Wildlife Monitoring

GeoEye-1 Satellite Image (0.5m) for Wildlife Monitoring Satellite remote sensing, machine learning (neural networks processing

WorldView-4 Satellite

WorldView-4 Satellite Sensor Ready for Launch! Photo credit: DigitalGlobe/Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company The WorldView-

Virunga National Parks

Virunga National Parks Mountain Gorillas Threatened as Fighting Continues Virunga National Parks and its endangered mountain g

ALOS Satellite Sensor

ALOS Satellite Sensor Power Reduction ALOSsatellite  the Advanced Land Observing Satellite, renamed “Daichi” operated by

Toxic Red Sludge Hungary

Satellite Image of Toxic Red Sludge Ajka, Hungary, Kolontar Village Satellite Images captured the environmental disaster of a

Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan

Satellite Images Captured the Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan Satellite images captured the catastrophic floods that hit Pak

ESA’s CryoSat-2 Satellite

CryoSat-2 Satellite Sensor Launched Successfully! Europe’s first mission dedicated to studying the Earth?s ice was launc

CryoSat Satellite Scheduled to Launch

CryoSat Satellite Scheduled to Launch After February Delay ESA’s CryoSat satellite the most sophisticated satellite ever to

Monitoring Global Desertification

Satellite Images for Monitoring Global Desertification GeoEye-1 Satellite Image of Gobi Desert, China Image copyright © Digit

Mineral Exploration

IKONOS Satellite Image of Mining Operations in Nevada Satellite Remote Sensing has been a standard first step for the mineral