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Using Google Earth

Using Google Earth to Create an ‘Area of Interest’

We’re excited about a new section of the content we’ve built at the main SIC site. A new page, entitled “Google Earth: Identifying High-Resolution Satellite Target Locations,” is now stored in our Satellite Image Resources section.

Google Earth has done much to popularize satellite imaging at an informal level. While the imagery offered by programs such as Google Earth falls short of custom, high-resolution satellite imagery, we’re happy that this sort of technology is becoming widespread, and we’re eager to show its audience how such technology can represent the very first step in procuring exquisitely detailed, high-resolution images for engineering and other commercial projects.

With that in mind, we built a special page that explains how to use Google Earth to find your “Area of Interest” when beginning to research your satellite image needs. The following image shows a screenshot of Google Earth (this particular shot shows the Apple Computer campus in Cupertino, CA, as viewed through the program).

Following are just some of the things discussed in the larger article: A brief history of Google Earth. Explains different pricing options and features.

The image quality of Google Earth vs. custom imagery. Compares QuickBird and Google Earth versions of imagery of Hurghada, Egypt.

Google Earth features. Using Google Earth’s “Fly to” feature and learning how to find and document the “opposite corner” coordinates of your target location.

Using Google Earth to preview your custom satellite photo. Get a look at what your custom image will look like.