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Satellite Image Destruction in Darfur

Satellite Image Destruction in Darfur

More than 200,000 people have been killed and 2 million others displaced from their homes in the vast region in western Sudan since 2003 by the Janjaweed militia. Due to the government refusing demands of sending peacekeepers to stop the human rights violations, Amnesty International acquired high-resolution satellite imagery to capture and monitor the events.

Satellite imagery and geospatial technology are being used to identify new destruction and the vulnerability of natural resources by attacks from the militia. Eyes on Darfur provides up-to-date information online on the events that are happening there. Amnesty International wants the world to observe the damage and devastation that occurred to the villagers by viewing before and after satellite images of the attacks and the need for support to stop this brutality.

Satellite images can provide information on damage to structures, assess the potential areas of attack, and analyze vegetation and land cover change detection for monitoring the events that are happening on the ground by as little as two feet.

Amnesty International has been involved in the protection of human rights since 1961 and Noble Prize Winner with an organization of over one million members.


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