Typhoon Morakot Hitting East Asia

Satellite Images of Killer Typhoon Morakot, Tawain

Typhoon Morakot claiming over 461 lives and many are still missing as it battered East Asia. Parts of the region experienced their worst flooding in half a century. A record 120 inches of rain fell during the weekend causing significant damage, at least 9.0 billion Taiwan dollars (281 million US) in agricultural damage another 570 million in Tourism, while 70,000 or more homes were left without power and 850,000 homes without water, according to officials.

These high resolution QuickBird satellite images captured the unleashed flooding, mudslides and destruction including the Chin Shuai Hotel in Chihpen, Taiwain. To view the high resolution images click on image.

typhoon morakat, tawain

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Typhoon Morakot, Taiwan

Typhoon Morakot, Taiwan – QuickBird Satellite Image (0.61m)

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The typhoon Morakot hit mainland China Sunday afternoon, where it claimed many lives as authorities ordered more than a million people to evacuate several provinces. In China three and four story apartment buildings collapsed and buried taking an unknown number of residents.

More than 8.8 million people in the three coastal provinces and in Anhui province as well were affected by Morakot, which forced local authorities to relocate 1.4 million.

The use of satellite images and aerial photography helps aid researchers to view storms such as flooding, landslides, earthquakes and hurricanes on both a local and a regional scale.

Disaster management and rescue organizations now widely use remote sensing and geographical informations systems (GIS) when it comes to preparing, monitoring, investigating and recovering from disasters like Typhoon Morakot.