EF4 Tornado Damage in Alabama

Satellite Image of Devastating EF4 Tornado Damage in Alabama

Satellite image captured the destruction of a EF4 tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama and other areas of the South on Wednesday April 27th. The tornado had a maximum width of half a mile and a path length of 2.82 miles.The death toll keeps rising with over 340 claimed dead. The twister alone may register as the most powerful long-track tornado in US history.

satellite image tuscaloosa_alabama tornado damage

IKONOS Satellite Image of Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Damage

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A series of tornadoes hit the South this week traveling in excess of 220 miles across Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Approximately 211 tornadoes were reported within a few hours’ span on Wednesday, including a series of so-called long-track twisters that raked across six states.

National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-5 tornado with winds up to 205 mph struck the city of Smithville Wednesday afternoon. The first EF-5 tornado to hit Mississippi since March 1966. EF-5 tornadoes being the most deadliest.