Satellite Imagery for Airport Mapping

High resolution satellite imagery for airport mapping can provide 3D Digital Surface Models (DSM’s) and Digital Terrain

Atmospheric Compensation – DigitalGlobe AComp Pre-Processing

Atmospheric Compensation – DigitalGlobe AComp Pre-Processing Image Copyright © DigitalGlobe. All rights reserved.  

Satellite Images of Typhoon Haiyan Path of Destruction

WorldView-2 (0.5m) Satellite Images Before and After Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines Click on image to view before and after image

Satellite Images Show Mississippi River Flooding Disaster

Mississippi River Flooding High resolution Satellite Images show the devastating floods of the Mississippi River in the Midwes

Satellite Images of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Damage

Satellite images captured the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami damages in result of a 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit nor

Satellite Images Captured the Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan

Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan Satellite images captured the catastrophic floods that hit Pakistan on August 1, 2010 the wo

Satellite Images Supports Gulf Oil Spill Response and Cleanup

Gulf Oil Spill Response Satellite images support the Gulf of Mexico oil spill response and cleanup with spill mapping includin

Satellite Images Captured Earthquake Damage in Chile

Earthquake Damage in Chile Satellite Images captured the damage of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Chile on

Satellite Images of 2010 Winter Olympic Games

2010 Winter Olympics Satellite images of Whistler Olympic Park and Cypress Mountain in Canada hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics

Mineral Exploration Using Satellite Images for Geological Applications

IKONOS Satellite Image of Mining Operations in Nevada Satellite Remote Sensing has been a standard first step for the mineral